EWP provides advisory and execution services regarding mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) to clients, assisting them to:

  • Identify target companies, investors or strategic partners and acquirers;
  • Manage negotiations between each of the parties involved in a merger or acquisition transaction; and
  • Manage the risks associated with such transactions.

As an illustration, when EWP acts for a client seeking to sell a strategic stake in a corporate, the firm would typically:

  • Advise on the transaction feasibility and timeframe.
  • Design a sales and marketing strategy tailored to the client’s objectives and circumstances.
  • Identify and contact suitable strategic and financial investors.
  • Supervise the preparation of due diligence materials prepared by the client and its accounting/ legal advisers.
  • Present the identified potential investors and the value of their offers to the client.
  • Assist in negotiations with and release of information to interested parties.
  • Support the finalisation of transaction documentation to a successful completion.    

When a client approaches EWP for assistance with the acquisition of a strategic stake in a corporate, we would typically:

  • Identify target companies which meet the client's investment criteria.
  • Present the identified potential investments and approach to valuation.
  • Identify the optimal approach strategy for selected targets.
  • Co-ordinate the due diligence efforts of the client and its accounting/ legal advisors.
  • Assist in the negotiation and finalisation of transaction documentation.