James Bromhead is a co-founder and Managing Partner of EastWest Partners.  He has 26 years experience of UK and International Corporate Broking and Equity Capital Markets.

In 2003, James joined Noble to set up and head their successful Equity Sales, Capital Markets and private placement team.  In 2007, James launched Noble’s emerging markets operations.  In 2009, Execution-Noble was acquired by Espírito Santo, where James continued spearheading growth into emerging markets, with a specific focus on India and Africa.

In 1989, James was a founder of Beeson Gregory, leading multiple equity transactions before creating and heading the European and International desk; responsible for numerous IPOs and follow-on offering in UK, Europe and beyond.  In 2003, Beeson Gregory was sold to Evolution.

James is originally from a military background, having served as an officer in The Light Infantry for five years.  He entered the finance world in 1986, serving his apprenticeship with Capel-Cure Myers – (then the No1 midcap corporate finance advisor in the London market).